Hilary Pecis

“My paintings depict the postmodern landscape, where consumer goods are being hemorrhaged from the rock-like skeletal system. Evolution is depicted in the layers of rock, along with the gelatinous collaged pieces used to describe tumors growing exponentially. Images and shards from glossy magazine pages are reassembled to remove the familiar pseudo-event, which took place within advertisements and reposition them into a surrogate image within the drawing.
My drawings have brought recognition through a variety of exhibitions including the 2006 San Francisco GenArts Emerge show, The West Coast Windows show at Samson Projects in Massachusetts and Domestic at Roberts and Tilton in Los Angeles, as well as shows in Tennessee, Texas, Copenhagen, Denmark and Hamburg Germany. Most recently my work was selected for inclusion in the Alumni at the Centennial show, representing the variety of California College of the Arts alumni work from the past hundred years. My work was selected for the Murphy Cadogan Fellowship and the Masterminds Grant in 2008. As a California resident my drawings were selected for publication in the New American Paintings #67 and #79 issued in December 2006 and 2008. I received my Masters Degree at California College of the Arts in 2009.”

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