The creative wit behind Freegums is Miami based artist Alvaro Ilizarbe. Somewhat a staple of the South Floridian lifestyle, Ilizarbe came to Miami from his home country of Peru in 1989. After graduating with a BA in design, a desire to make his innovative work widely accessible led both quickly and logically to the inception of the Freegums clothing label.

With an ardent appreciation for madcap aesthetics, comfort, and individuality, Freegums transform the everyday garment into a timeless personal gesture. Featured in art shows, boutiques and publications around the World, the Freegums collection cannot be classified as a street-wear brand or high-fashion line, but rather as a means-based artistic label that continues to pave a distinctive path in the fashion industry by responding with considered enthusiasm to popular sub-culture trends.

Consisting of standard and reversible t-shirts and sweatshirts, Freegums appeals to the creative sensibilities of funky eccentrics. All garments are available in men’s, women’s, child and unisex styles and exemplify entertaining aspects of popular American culture and materialistic iconography.

Satisfying a need to have fun and be entertained, the clothes invoke contented feelings of fulfillment, shedding light on our culture’s indulgence of guilty pleasures and “the cool”.

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