Dosa Kim

Dosa Kim was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. He moved to Atlanta his freshman year of high school. After graduating he enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta to pursue Graphic Design. He later obtained degrees in Digital Media and Computer Animation from the University of Georgia.

Most of his works revolve around narratives, telling stories in a visual format. From vector programs, acrylic and video, Dosa’s work does not reflect only one medium and many of his pieces are currently signed with his signature, reminiscent of Asian influence. Although much of Dosa’s work has shadowy undertones he emphasizes the notion of hope; the notion that outside forces will carry the subject matter and the viewer to his or her enlightened destination. This ideal is represented in numerous metaphorical ways and is carried out through his logo, which bears the text: “Some of us will find our way home.”

Dosa currently likes to eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches and loves to play with his dog Rane.. He usually waits on the porch for Tolina to show up to critique his latest creations. When he’s not doing that he loves to drink Irish whisky and plans out funny schemes for his friends. When he The newer pieces go beyond the recurring characters seen in older works, and are also unique in their sheer size; redefining the space and covering of the gallery walls.

His work can be enjoyed in various galleries and group exhibitions throughout Atlanta, GA and the United States.

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