Tadd Mullinix

Winking Makes A Face

The conditions under which lightening forms are admittedly not unique, but we still marvel at lightening when we see it. Stand at windows with lamps out at night, waiting for the night sky to rip open into pure light for a flash and a rumble or BAM! that leaves you stunned every time. Even if only for a second.

Imagine what a bolt of lightening would sound like slowed down: a violent current of rhythmic shifting, a melange of melodies, all precisely engineered and structured into a whole that rivots you with its complexity.

Take that bolt of lightening and break it down into individual components: there you will find the white fire of industrial production, the cool tempering of classical arrangement and tonal separation, the soothing warmth of those two elements brought together seemlessly. Such is the music of Tadd Mullinix.

Tadd’s focus on the inherent rhythmic complexities of centuries-old classical music styles combined with an intuitive sense of electronic production results in a captivating album, Winking Makes a Face. “I enjoy new uses of melody and harmony in both conventional and
non-conventional music theory,” says Tadd. “I also enjoy music that integrates both eastern and western scale, or, music which is written to ignore scale and proper melodic structure. I also listen to non-music and have great interest in sounds outside the context of music.”

Winking Makes a Face shuns easy classification through dramatic shifts in mood and tempo. The opening tour-de-force “Minajor” features multiple melodic threads of synthed strings that could easily fill a concert hall; moments later, on “Lulla”, Tadd curtails those ripe emotions into a soothing brook of vibraphone tones and subtle DSP-crunched pulses. Later, Tadd brings to bear his studies in guitar and bass to conjure up the ghost of old-school New Order acoustic brilliance in “Enfant Dans La Chambre Respirant”.

Like a bolt from the blue, Winking Makes a Face can be overpowering at first, jarring because it displays a range of beauty and technique condensed into a flash of sound.

About Tadd Mullinix

Under his many aliases (Dabrye, James T. Cotton, SK-1, etc.), Tadd Mullinix has created his own world of unique sounds, from hip-hop to acid techno to abstract electronics. Mullinix’s record...check out Tadd Mullinix's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-01
  • formats:
  • CD/Digital
  • release date:
  • November 1, 2000
  • artwork by:
  • Doug Coombe
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3Le Lit
4Divided By Lines
5Enfant Dans La Chambre Respirant
6Twice Triumph
7Mother, Child and Modern Life
8Commun Changement
9The Letter
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