Ben Benjamin

The Many Moods of Ben Bejamin Vol. 1

Ben Benjamin is a new solo endeavor brought to life by Ghostly veteran Ben Mullins, founding member of Midwest Product and Postprior. His first album, The Many Moods of Ben Benjamin Vol. 1, takes a few cues from the previous Postprior release, integrating two contrasting techniques into a single vibrant palette: one being the ability to harvest from a precision-based world of masterful production, and the other, drawing upon the rich characteristics of real-life instrumentation and the nuance of a flowing, melodic narrative. The result is a surefire blend of personal, non-genrefied songwriting and an overall soundtrack feel, with stunning timbrel shifts, heartfelt lines and a tight-knit balance of repetitive elaboration.

About Ben Benjamin

Ben Benjamin is the solo work of Ben Mullins, or the man behind the influential Midwest Product trio and the elegant PostPrior project. With Ben Benjamin, Mullins captures the varied emotions and ...check out Ben Benjamin's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-61
  • formats:
  • CD/Digital
  • release date:
  • December 17, 2007
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1Blake Bloodaxe
3Selective Periphera
4 Hypertexan
5 Sassy Blanche
6Butane Wayne
7Famous Cruises Through Customs
9Toothlike Tokens
10Sideways Cerebus
12Temporary Aztec
13Fishin' for Coldy Winds
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