The Ghostly Remixes

Well over a year after the release of Osborne’s sublime self-titled album on Spectral Sound, and the music still sounds fresh—nostalgic without being overly reverential, accessible, creative dance music with a pervading sense of humor and wonderment. No wonder, then, that Osborne spawned a suite of remixes that rival the originals’ unadulterated creative moxie.

Osborne: The Ghostly Remixes opens with Bullion’s rerub of the appropriately titled “Afrika.” The UK producer replaces the track’s mesh of African-percussion samples with a cocky electro-soul strut and an earworm of a bassline—the results still reek of a psychedelic revolution, but its locale is decidedly American. Bogdan Raczynski’s remix of “Ruling” is a real curveball, as the Rephlex acolyte turns the original’s warm Chicago trappings into a cascade of cubist dots and lines, lowering the track’s iconic vocal sample to a disturbing basso profundo. Werk Discs’ Lukid transforms “There” from a dreamy New Order nod into a buzzing, anxious slice of instrumental hip-hop.

The digital version of The Ghostly Remixes includes Luke Vibert’s high-energy take on “Outta Sight” and Arto Mwambe’s handclap-house edit of “Wait a Minute” (a highlight from the Hovercrafting EP); the vinyl edition features an exclusive Lukid remix of the acid-washed “Junk Food,” here re-imagined as the soundtrack for a seedy robot dive bar.

NOTE: The artwork above is taken from the limited 12” version. The 12” is limited to 300 copies worldwide.

About Osborne

There are lots of stories about DJ and producer Todd Osborn (no e, mind you). They are, unfortunately for your ego and ours, all true. Our Lego-sculpting, electron microscope-owning, Japanese-spea...check out Osborne's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-94
  • formats:
  • LIMITED 12"/Digital
  • release date:
  • February 2, 2010
  • artwork by:
  • Philistine DSGN
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1 Afrika (Bullion Remix)
2 Ruling (Bogdan Raczynski Remix)
3 There (Lukid Remix)
4 Junk Food (Lukid Remix) [Vinyl Exclusive]
5 Outta Site (Luke Vibert Remix) [Digital Bonus]
6 Wait A Minute (Arto Mwambe Remix) [Digital Bonus]
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