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State Of The Union

Spectral Sound, dancefloor imprint of Ghostly International, is five releases old. Spectral Five is a synopsis of the past and an ominous spectre of things to come. 4 producers, all hailing from the Ann Arbor/Detroit area are here, some of the finest in the country, and comprise the core of the label.

James Cotton, aka Dabrye/Tadd Mullinix, is the raw centrifuge, tearing through I Seek with a vicious proto-industrial energy. All crap drum machines and eerie, elevating synths.

Osborne, aka Todd Osborn of “Bout Ready to Jak” fame, and one of this 2003’s “Next 100” in URB magazine, makes Shift his jackingest yet. Up and down grooves, slapback acid funk; a pure floor seeker.

Matthew Dear, also of 2003’s URB “Next 100” fame, brings polyrhyhtms to bear in Plinko. Plinko can best be described as multi-directional scatterstep beats, a recurring trademark of Dear (as heard on his Perlon release as Jabberjaw), and dangerously descending bassline stairs.

Flexitone (the return of…), formerly of Planet E, is an alias of Interdimensional Transmissions’ Brendan M. Gillen. Moist is drippy detroit techno, like a mysterious passage through a water-logged digital filter, dividing house and glitch in half.

This is the State of the Union.

  • Spectral Sound
  • SPC-05
  • formats:
  • 12"/Digital
  • release date:
  • May 20, 2002
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1JTC - I Seek
2Osborne - Shift
3Matthew Dear - Plinko
4Flexitone - Moist
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