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Spectral Sound Vol.1

As Ghostly’s record output has become more cerebral, its complementary dancefloor-based label Spectral Sound has become its own entity, a fact well reflected by the sheer breadth and quality of the tracks collected for Spectral Sound Vol. 1. The 13 tracks from disc one cover the whole of the label’s existence, from progenitors like Osborne to newcomers such as Peter Grummich, with all tracks appearing on CD for the first time.

Spectral began in 2000 as an outlet for DJ singles and EPs from then-unknowns like Matthew Dear, and has grown to include 21 such releases, plus 3 highly lauded albums. Dear’s hit “Dog Days” appears here along with the previously unreleased “Juice”, a shimmering, staccato take on the sound he explored on the phenomenal Leave Luck to Heaven album. James T. Cotton’s “T-Y-O-C Painkillers” offers a jacking beat and ominous buildup drenched in his signature analog sound. Other recent tracks from Geoff White and The Vanisher (AKA Hakan Lidbo) are included, plus remix work from Reinhard Voigt and Isolee, making for an utterly essential collection of sleek tech-house, gorgeous minimal techno, and outright jams. The CD version contains a 33-track mix by Matthew Dear’s DJ partner Ryan Elliott. The LP version contains all the exclusives, plus the vinyl-only Jeff Samuel track “Factoid”.

Spectral 25 Megamix by Ryan Elliott

1. Matthew Dear “Another” 2. Lawrence “Five Leaves” 3. Matthew Dear “Pinch & Pillage” 4. Jeff Samuel “Moniss” 5. Osborne “Graphite” 6. James T. Cotton “Mind Your Manners” 7. Matthew Dear “Dog Days” (Pantytec RMX) 8. Osborne “Daylight” 9. Matthew Dear “The Crush” 10. Peter Grummich “Searoom” 11. Osborne “Bout Ready to Jak” (Ryan Elliott RMX) 12. Matthew Dear “Reason and Responsibility” 13. Lusine “Slapback” 14. DMX Krew “I Won’t Forget” 15. Audion “Raw Dog” 16. Geoff White “Ince” 17. James T. Cotton “Beat Ya!” 18. TNT “A1” 19. The Vanisher “Toothpaste” 20. Audion “Your Place or Mine” 21. Peter Grummich “No Reason” 22. Matthew Dear “Irreparably Dented” (vox) 23. James T. Cotton “The Drain” 24. James T. Cotton “Bizarre Carnival” 25. Hieroglyphic Being “Apple” 26. Solvent “Think Like Us” (Alter Ego RMX) 27. Matthew Dear “Anger Management” 28. Matthew Dear “Stealing Moves” (John Selway RMX) 29. Audion “The Pong” 30. Kenneth Graham “Carrier Wave” (Brian Zentz RMX) 31. Audion “Titty Fuck” 32. James T. Cotton “Lojak Part 1” 33. James T. Cotton “A Long Way Down”

  • Spectral Sound
  • SPC-25
  • formats:
  • 2xCD/2xLP/Digital
  • release date:
  • June 28, 2005
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Disc 1

1Osborne - Bout Ready To Jak [SPC-4]
2The Vanisher - The Tic-Tac-Tactic [SPC-22]
3Matthew Dear - It's Over Now (Peter Grummich RMX) [Exclusive]
4Geoff White - Nintendisco [SPC-19]
5JTC - Buck! (Reinhard Voigt RMX) [SPC-9]
6Hieroglyphic Being - Je Suis Musique [Exclusive]
7Matthew Dear - Juice [Exclusive]
8Jeff Samuel - Heb. Gbz [SPC-23]
9Audion - Raw Dog [Exclusive]
10JTC - T.Y.O.C. Painkillers [Exclusive]
11Osborne - Daylight (Isolee RMX) [SPC-8]
12Matthew Dear - Dog Days [Radio edit, Exclusive]
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Disc 2

1Ryan Elliott - Spectral 25 Megamix
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