Ruling EP

We know a summer soundtrack when we hear one. Giving a taste of his self-titled LP, Osborne has pared down the Ruling EP to his juiciest house tracks.

The title cut is a beauty, anchored by vintage 909 snares and hi-hats, then lifted with an irresistible vocal melody; when the late afternoon sun filters in and the dance floor really lets its hair down, “Ruling” is the clincher to reach for. Osborne goes even deeper with “Downtown,” a bubbling, piano-propelled mover that’s all handclaps and winding roads. With “16th Stage,” he leans back in his producer’s seat, dialing the afternoon down with lazy Rhodes key lines and golden synth washes. Then finally, he locks it in with “Fresh”: opening with a massive kick drum, this laid-back closer casts its eyes and hands skyward with hypnotic flute and string flourishes. With this EP, Osborne’s mapped out the party trajectory—now all you have to do is get down here.

About Osborne

There are lots of stories about DJ and producer Todd Osborn (no e, mind you). They are, unfortunately for your ego and ours, all true. Our Lego-sculpting, electron microscope-owning, Japanese-spea...check out Osborne's page and other releases

  • Spectral Sound
  • SPC-53
  • formats:
  • 12"/Digital
  • release date:
  • March 4, 2008
  • artwork by:
  • Doug Lee
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316th Stage
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