North Valley Subconscious Orchestra

The Right Kind Of Nothing

Guitarists Brad Laner (founder of Medicine, also known solo as Electric Company) and Christopher Willits (last seen on Ghostly's Idol Tryouts Two compilation) have come together as the North Valley Subconscious Orchestra to craft The Right Kind of Nothing, the first full-length on Ghostly to be released exclusively via digital download. The album's wide-ranging sonic palette is a natural result of combining the signature guitar sound that Laner developed as a member of dream-pop trio Medicine in the 1990s with Willits's flair for both the delicate and the abrasive, which he has explored through accomplished solo work and collaborations with Kid606, Ryuichi Sakamoto and others. Balancing kraut-rock grooves ("Shimokitazawa Face") with all-out squalls ("Moving Through Wood", "Cardamom & Dad"), North Valley Subconscious Orchestra consistently pushes their experiments into the red to create a humbling and utterly absorbing debut.

About North Valley Subconscious Orchestra

Guitarists Brad Laner and Christopher Willits have come together to craft The Right Kind of Nothing as the North Valley Subconscious Orchestra. Traversing a series of guitar noise sculptures and h...check out North Valley Subconscious Orchestra's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-52
  • formats:
  • Digital
  • release date:
  • August 22, 2006
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1Pad Prik King
2Neutral Buoyancy
3Infantile Jargoning
4Ceiling Transition
5Telefon Ear
6Napali Passage
8Shimokitazawa Face
9The Song for Trainables
10Moving Through Wood
11Water Table Manners
12Himnos Suburbanos
13Cardamom & Dad
14Hotel Margarine
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