Deastro’s Keeper’s album was an informal best-of compilation, a mixtape of home-recorded gems from Randolph Chabot’s dizzily creative mind. On “Parallelogram”—the debut single from Moondagger, Deastro’s first proper full-length for Ghostly—the pop prodigy enlists a full band to help flesh out his Technicolor visions, and the live instrumentation sends Deastro’s intimate sound-worlds spinning into solar orbit.

“Parallelogram”’s synth-pop symphony opens with a cinematic opening riff and careens through a gauntlet of fizzy hooks and ringing arpeggios. Chabot’s vocals have grown from the puppy-throated yelp on Keeper’s into a clear, unaffected tenor with a melancholy glint, and on “Parallelogram,” he soars. B-side “Carol Gilligan” indulges Chabot’s new-wavier impulses but side-steps the genre’s tendency towards self-seriousness by recasting a dance-rock strut as an earnest, wide-eyed anthem of the highest caliber.

If Keeper’s was a peek into Deastro’s joyful inner world, this two-track, digital-only preview of the Moondagger LP shows what happens when Randolph Chabot looks out his window and starts aiming for the stars.

About Deastro

Although Randolph Chabot’s music has always glowed with positivity, it took an adolescent epiphany to bring his alter-ego, Deastro, into the light of day. By age 17, Chabot says, “I...check out Deastro's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GIDG-14
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  • Digital
  • release date:
  • November 11, 2008
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2Carol Gilligan
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  • Deastro - "Parallelogram"