Ghostly’s Wunderkind returns to his birthname to put forth more of the abstract insanity he is known for. Though you can hear elements of his other aliases creeping in, Panes is the sound of Mullinix pushing back the restrictions on his own sound, and coming up with something dark and extremely personal. 6 tracks of dubby, methodical head-music. Limited pressing of 2002 copies in a letterpressed paper package.

“QUIRKY BLIPS AND DARK GLITCH: Panes is the second Tadd Mullinix release, (following his full-length debut, Winking Makes a Face) a mini CD worth of music, six tracks heavy on beats and quirky, mutilated electronics. The title track opens with popping, crackling vinyl, a lazy rhythm procured upon which the swampy textures are adorned with appropriately drowsy vocals. Electronics and percussion spar to a draw during “Sealed,” while a cheap synth strolls obtrusively through the proceedings. It’s at once interesting and tonally annoying. Shards of “Shaven Glass,” twinkle brightly, while piercing tones slash and slice unmercifully as a bass guitar rolls into view. It is brushed with what sounds like a plague of distorted locusts. The variety of tones Mullinix chooses to utilize throughout Panes are unique, which is both a positive and negative assessment, but the variety itself means that at least he is reaching for something more than the norm.” – Outburn magazine review – JC Smith

About Tadd Mullinix

Under his many aliases (Dabrye, James T. Cotton, SK-1, etc.), Tadd Mullinix has created his own world of unique sounds, from hip-hop to acid techno to abstract electronics. Mullinix’s record...check out Tadd Mullinix's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-11
  • formats:
  • CD/Digital
  • release date:
  • November 26, 2002
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2Shaven Glass
3Exchanging Modes
6Alternating Currents
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