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Ghostly International Presents Moodgadget: The Nocturnal Suite

Ghostly affiliate Moodgadget Records exclusively releases music by up-and-coming artists; with the Nocturnal Suite, Moodgadget not only “exposes the diversity in electronic music” (the label’s mission statement), it unites dazzlingly talented, like-minded artists working in wildly divergent stylistic fields into a grand, unified whole. Like its predecessors, the Moodgadget-curated Rorschach Suite and Synchronicity Suite, the Nocturnal Suite plays like a lovingly assembled mixtape, compiling brief, catchy, electronic-minded pop songs built for obsessive repeat listening.

The Nocturnal Suite is eclectic, but even among its stylistic diversity (the liquid space-disco of Faux Pas’ “Rose’s Lament (Gadget Edit),” for instance, sits right next to Wild Yaks’ caveman-like “Crazy but Not Afraid,” which flanks 800Beloved’s Psychedelic Furs-esque anthem “Galaxies”), there’s a distinctly nighttime-y mood, folding acoustic guitars and sleepy vocals in with its distressed beats and synths. Daedelus’ remix of Praveen & Benoit’s “Chiaroscuro” clothes a distant clattering beat in ambient reverb swells and wisps of orchestral flutes; Bluejay’s “Blurry” wraps its bedroom electro-pop around a deliciously melancholy hook; City Center’s “Summer School” is an exercise in pastoral dream-beat, a psychedelic fog of a track that drifts like a late-afternoon beachside nap.

The Nocturnal Suite encompasses dance music, indie rock, synth-pop, experimental instrumentals—and, yes, electronic music—but its emotional core is its biggest asset. Even in the closing track, Daniel Johnson’s deadly serious cover of Sophie B. Hawkins’ 1991 classic “Damn (Wish I Was Your Lover),” the pea soup-thick production turns the jaunty original into a much more resonant affair; it’s a fitting end to a compilation that turns every genre it touches into perfect late-night listening.

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-93
  • formats:
  • 2xCD/Digital
  • release date:
  • October 20, 2009
  • artwork by:
  • Philistine DSGN
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Disc 1

1New Villager - Rich Doors
2Mux Mool - Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom
3City Center - Summer School
4Bluejay - Blurry
5Shigeto - Is This All For Real
6Christine - Good Ideas
7Body Language - Work This City
8Wisp - Arpeggiating Edgar
10Mogi Grumbles - Supreme
11Faux Pas - Rose Lament [Gadget Edit]
12Wild Yaks - Crazy But Not Afraid
13800Beloved - Galaxies
14The Landau Orchestra - Wheel of Fortune
15Charles Trees - Col Ak Ill
16Addled - Heartbreachno [Radio Edit]
17JDSY - Lighter
18Praveen & Benoit Pioulard - Chiaroscuro (Daedelus Remix)
19Daniel Johnson - Damn (I Wish I Was Your Lover)
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Disc 2

1Worst Friends - I Wish I Don't Drop Dead
2Mux Mool - 10
3D. Gookin - Glad I Met You
4The Reflecting Skin - Cavedweller [Instrumental Version]
5Scott Brandon - Voyage Into The Dark
6Andre Obin - Angel Dust
7Tonight - When Galaxies Form
8Matters & Dunaway - Memorial
9Benoit Pioulard - Sparrowfield
10Elm From Arm - Pretty Take
11Praveen - Slip Slop
12Shigeto - And We Gonna
13Outlier - Visible Light Eater
14Wisp - Across The Pale Sea
15Touch Base - Gloveblocks
16Tridact - Light Minute
17Praveen & Benoit Pioulard - Death as a Man
18Grey Electric - 696 Bandit
19Praveen - Buddy
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  • Shigeto - "Is This All For Real"