“Next Summer,” the second single from Choir of Young Believers’ Ghostly debut This Is for the White in Your Eyes, is an exercise in larger-than-life musical gestures and classical drama. Employing high-altitude violins, booming orchestral percussion, and a steady procession of winsome melodies, Jannis Makrigiannis and his band shout the chorus’ bittersweet warning (“Next summer, I will return / I’ll be there / I’ll break your heart”) with terrifying conviction. As always, Jannis’ silvery tenor is the centerpiece, and when he whispers, “you’re so dramatic when you call,” it’s unclear whether he’s referencing the song’s central romantic conflict, or his own talent for eliciting exquisitely heightened emotions.

About Choir of Young Believers

When listening to Denmark’s Choir of Young Believers, it’s hard not to imagine an army of white-clad singers with arms outstretched, their voices raised in holy polyphony—in fact...check out Choir of Young Believers's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GIDG-22
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  • Digital
  • release date:
  • July 14, 2009
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1Next Summer
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  • Choir of Young Believers - "Next Summer"