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Mega Breakfast

The Chap, the already-legendary London-based, modern pop group, are back with their third album, Mega Breakfast. The Chap have become known and loved for their inimitable “pop improv disco rock with strings” sound and a furiously rocking live show, complete with dance routines. Mega Breakfast is the sound of the search for a heart of gold in a world gone cold. It deals with sex issues, depression and classic economics. The Chap have expanded their repertoire to include some Justin Timberlake style R&B, an ode to World Music, and a corporate motivational song. They are moving into new pop territory, getting with some serious choir singing and funky harmonizing. But, like on their previous two albums, you’ll feel pleasure and terror alike when listening to these songs. Why is there a very camp-sounding fire fighter’s choir fronting some kind of fierce sci-fi indie rock combo, demanding “Proper songs about girls and clubbing”? Do they mean that? I could go on. It’s all infectious, blistering pop music, but all the while something is deliciously wrong here, making for what is sure to be one of the most intriguing releases of 2008.

The Chap have been busy since their last album “Ham” remixing Beck and Bloc Party, as well as gigging intensively around the UK and Europe. They are coming to the US this year.

Praise for The Chap:

  • “The Chap are both gear and fab!” - John Peel
  • “The Chap give birth to freakish Dadaist disco babies – you’ll love it!” - NME
  • “Like Underworld if they’d decided to be a lo-fi rock and roll combo instead of a stadium selling dance act…it is stunning.” - VICE (UK)
  • “It’s cool and dry, and it’s all over the place as well. It’s sonically unpredictable and harmonically lopsided, yet almost infuriatingly catchy. It’s fractured and jerky, but smoothly enticing at the same time. It’s cerebral and detached in its methodology but visceral in its impact. Most of all, it’s fantastic fun. Serious fun.” - The Wire

About The Chap

The Chap: a modern pop group based in north London. The Chap: have never been influenced by anyone or anything at any time, ever.

Starting out with very limited equipment (one microphone, ...check out The Chap's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-72
  • formats:
  • CD/Digital
  • release date:
  • July 1, 2008
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1They Have A Name
2Fun And Interesting
3Caution Me
4Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley
6Take It In The Face
7Ethnic Instrument
8Proper Rock
9The Health Of Nations
10Wuss Wuss
11I Saw Them
12 They Have A Name (Atlas Sound Remix) [Non-Album Track]
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  • The Chap present 'Fun and Interesting'