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Hohokum Soundtrack

Hohokum is a distinct creative collaboration between artist Richard Hogg and Honeyslug, a London-based game studio. The vibrantly whimsical game emphasizes exploration and creativity with a playful touch. With the vision to create an experience free of typical video games pressures, Honeyslug delivers inspiring and unique gameplay in Hohokum.

Players take on the role of a flying, Technicolor being, like a curious kite. Travelling through the colorful world, players can uncover secrets by interacting with elements around them in different ways—such as carrying characters to new areas on their back or flying over objects to illuminate them. Hohokum is full of surprise; even running into certain objects can be its own reward, as the interaction produces music or effects which add to the level’s soundtrack. From the way a player navigates the world to how characters can communicate to the vividly abstract artwork, Hohokum is an expressive and mesmerizing universe. While there are goals, secrets, and trophies discovered along the way, at its heart, Hohokum is a playground—a place to wander about and get lost in.

The music of Hohokum mirrors the game’s eclectic and detailed landscape, with a wide selection of Ghostly artists contributing their songs. Between musicians and producers like Tycho, Shigeto, Matthew Dear, and Com Truise, the soundtrack is a fully realized exhibition of contemporary electronic sounds. Hohokum Soundtrack arrives on August 12 as a 22-song digital compilation and on October 28 as a rainbow-colored 12” vinyl sampler featuring seven special cuts.

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-222
  • formats:
  • LP/Digital
  • release date:
  • August 12, 2014
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1Tycho - L
2Matthew Dear - Pawn In Their Game
3Shigeto - Lamp Lighting
4Com Truise - Declination [Instrumental]
5KILN - Lux (rpf Rebuild)
6Willits + Sakamoto - Reticent Reminiscence
7Tycho - A Walk
8Michna - Emerald Plateaus
9Geoff White - Wedding Party
10Osborne - Mount Arvon
11Ben Benjamin - Air Parsing
12Tycho - Coastal Brake
13KILN - Sunsethighway
14Heathered Pearls - Raising Our Ashes
15Michna - The Best Way Out Is Through
16Ben Benjamin - Temporary Aztec
17Tycho - Send And Receive
18Michna - Increasing Ambition
19Jacaszek - As Each Tucked String Tells
20KILN - Desertkarnival (rua Rebuild)
21Joel Corelitz - We Run In Tunnels
22Shigeto - Super Secret End Credits
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  • Hohokum Fun Fair Trailer (Ben Benjamin - Temporary Aztec)
  • Hohokum: The Guano Factory (Matthew Dear - Temptation)
  • Hohokum Launch Trailer (Michna - Increasing Ambition