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Following up their debut albums The Loving Sounds of Static and City Vs. Country, Mobius Band has released their latest effort on Misra Records in conjunction with Ghostly. Heaven revolves around repeating motifs – decoding the secret language of ex-lovers, the betrayals of quote-unquote friends. It’s melodies are more dynamic, its themes more direct. Where their previous album still grappled with post-collegiate anxiety, here there are larger questions of control, bewilderment, and loss. “Darling I can’t get the stain out of my head,” Ben sings on ‘Leave the Keys In the Door.’ On ‘Tie a Tie,’ we hear the stop-start refrain “I see people change / I see people stay the same,” and are left with the overwhelming impression that day-to-day life with friends and lovers is as precarious and as dangerous as anything we might fret about in the wider world.

Musically, the album pulses, crackles, and hums. Though Mobius Band has always alternated between a desire to make pop songs and an interest in experimental textures, Heaven’s sound is marked by a new obsession ‘circuit bent’ keyboards. How does it all add up? Mobius Band creates songs that seem, at first, like something you’d hear on the radio, but they insinuate themselves in the manner of something more complex. They are circuit bent pop songs.

About Mobius Band

Peter Sax, Noam Schatz, and Ben Sterling are Mobius Band. Their new album is called Heaven (Misra 2007). The group started in earnest when they moved together to a small rural town in Wes...check out Mobius Band's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-69
  • formats:
  • CD/Digital
  • release date:
  • June 1, 2007
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2Secret Language
3A Hint Of Blood
4Leave The Keys in The Door
5Friends Like These
7Tie A Tie
8Under Sand
9Black Spot
10I Am Always Waiting
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