Various Artists

Ghostly Essentials: SMM One

While the origin of the acronym remains a mystery (Sensual Machine Music? Sweet, Mellifluous Moodscapes?), the sound of SMM is unmistakable: warm, ambient-leaning textures, subtle dynamics, and a tendency to straddle the synthetic/organic divide in surprising ways. Ghostly Essentials: SMM One corrals some of our favorite examples of SMM into one gorgeous compilation. Highlights include the seasick guitars of Twine’s “Girl Song”, the overcast hum and electronic thump of The Sight Below’s “With Her Kiss (I’d Pass the Sky)”, the sun-dappled lyricism of Christopher Willits’ “Colors Shifting”, and the cavernous atmospherics of Kiln’s skittering “Rustdusk.” The Ghostly Essentials: SMM comp is an indispensable survey of Ghostly’s gentle giants.

  • Ghostly International
  • GIDG-28
  • formats:
  • Digital
  • release date:
  • December 15, 2009
  • artwork by:
  • Michael Cina
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1Aeroc - Blue Eyed Bitter
2Cepia - Hoarse
3Richard Devine - Murman
4Dykehouse - Sandy Strip
5KILN - Rustdusk
6Loscil - Umbra
7Tadd Mullinix - Panes
8The Sight Below - With A Kiss (I'd Pass The Sky)
9Syntaks - The Shape Of Things To Come
10Twine - Girl Song
11Tycho - The Daydream
12Christopher Willits - Colors Shifting
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