Flat Remixes

Lusine, master of elegance and minimalism, returns to Ghostly after his acclaimed Push EP. The classic, ethereal original from 2001 yields a remake from Matthew Dear, plus mixes from Cepia, and Dimbiman (of Perlon’s Pantytec) with Cabanne. Also included is a new version from Lusine himself. The marriage of acute melancholy and electronic style is rarely matched better than on this release.

Matthew Dear’s “Flat For You” brings the unique vocalist’s range to the table, reimagining an eerie narrative atop the hypnotic whirl. Cepia take’s things in a more overtly melodic direction, chiseling away at the original’s lead hook. While the Dimbiman goes for groove, Lusine’s stuttering beats and frosty melodies edge towards the brain to complete the perfect package.

About Lusine

Jeff McIlwain has been producing his diverse, melodic strain of abstract electronic music as Lusine for a decade-and-a-half. Originally a Texas native, McIlwain moved to the West Coast in the late...check out Lusine's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-27
  • formats:
  • 12"/Digital
  • release date:
  • February 24, 2004
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1 Flat For You (Matthew Dear Remix)
2 Flat (Dimbiman mix) [feat. Cabanne]
3 Flat (Lusine mix)
4 Flat (Cepia mix)
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