Eggstra EP

Michna chases the gleaming instrumental hip-hop of Magic Monday with the Eggstra EP: two new originals and three remixes-worth of world-spanning swagger.

New track “The Dust Off” makes good on its name, blowing clouds of vinyl static into the cracks between a stuttering, knee-deep bassline and a jaunty breakbeat—a fine soundtrack to brushing the dirt off one’s proverbial shoulders. Eliot Lipp gives Magic Monday’s melancholy “Believe in It” ten fingers, smearing cobwebs of synthesizer within the lines of the song’s Rhodes-piano hook. Osborne twists “Triple Chrome Dipped” inside-out, quickening the original’s easy-going stride into a lo-fi disco trot that would make Arthur Russell proud. Star Eyes and Mayster’s “Liquid Vision” remix of “Triple Chrome Dipped” finds the dubstep producers placing one of Michna’s finer tracks on the rack, stretching it within and inch of its life, and coating it in gobs of sticky, syrupy bass.

The Eggstra EP closes with another original, “The Joy of Your Dome,” in which Michna takes it slow, easing into a sizzling swirl of distressed beats, anxious samples, and a bee-like buzz. “Eggstra” though it may be, Adrian Michna’s new EP is on par with his finest work, keeping the magic going seven days a week.

About Michna

Growing up in both New York and Miami, Michna (real name: Adrian Yin Michna) is that unique breed of artist that draws from both the urban and the tropical. As a youngster, Adrian started DJing pa...check out Michna's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GIDG-21
  • formats:
  • Digital
  • release date:
  • July 7, 2009
  • artwork by:
  • Freegums
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1The Dust Off
2 Believe In It (Eliot Lipp Remix)
3 Triple Chrome Dipped (Osborne Remix)
4 Triple Chrome Dipped (Star Eyes & Mayster Liquid Vision)
5The Joy Of Your Dome
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  • Michna - "The Dust Off"