Mux Mool

Drum EP 2

Mux Mool made the first Drum EP in 2007 and released it on Moodgadget. At that time, the young producer wasn’t sure if he was going to continue making beats at all. He had only released one song and despite how well “Lost and Found” from The Rorschach Suite compilation had been praised, Mux Mool wasn’t sure if this was the path he wanted to pursue. Mux’s good friend Medium Zach from Big Quarters suggested he challenge himself to make one beat every day for a week. Mux took him up on his challenge and did just that, creating 7 lo-fi hip hop beats to critical praise.

In 2010, Mux found himself in a similar funk, only this time during heavy touring in support of his Ghostly debut, Skulltaste. The now experienced beatmaker decided that he wanted a similar challenge. This time, he wanted to improve the overall quality of the first Drum EP tracks, but stay true to the nature of beat-making. Thus, Drum EP 2 is all songs made while on a plane. The result is a much steadier, consistent sound. His confidence shines in his choice of beats, composition and production more than ever.

NOTE: This release was originally available at Moodgadget’s website for a limited time at a lower bit rate. We have remastered the EP and added one new, unreleased track (“Flying Dreams”).

About Mux Mool

“I know it’s electronic music,” Brian Lindgren says, “but sometimes I feel like an old-timey traveling musician with an M-Audio Trigger Finger instead of a guitar.” A...check out Mux Mool's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI - 141
  • formats:
  • Digital
  • release date:
  • June 7, 2011
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1Flying Dreams
2Hypercolor ADD
3Heart Attacker
4The Hundred Dollar Beat
5Jen And Soda
6Lazy Soul
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