Various Artists

Death Is Nothing To Fear 3

Death Is Nothing To Fear 3 is the third installment of Spectral Sound’s compilation series, focused on bringing forward new voices in the world of techno. Brought together by an equally brash and nuanced take on tonal manipulation, the four artists presented here – Finland’s Sami Koivikko, Berlin-by-way-of Detroit’s Seth Troxler, Chicago’s Kate Simko and Ann Arbor’s 2AM/FM (James T. Cotton and D’Marc Cantu) – contribute a vast yet tightly controlled understanding of the compilation’s theme. What unfolds is a tough and modern ride through international techno and house.

  • Spectral Sound
  • SPC-49
  • formats:
  • 12"/Digital
  • release date:
  • January 29, 2008
  • artwork by:
  • Philistine DSGN
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1Sami Koivikko - Keskus
2Seth Troxler - Relationship
3Kate Simko - Clean Living
42 AM/FM - Motherfuckers Don't Know
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