Mobius Band

City Vs. Country EP

After three self-released EPs, Mobius Band has teamed with Ghostly for its latest record, City Vs Country. Recorded at Peter Katis?s Tarquin Studios (Interpol, Rainer Maria), this EP combines loose guitars, delicate vocals and hard-hitting drums with tightly-wound electronics. The five songs on City Vs Country are filled with mournful refrains and unexpected textures, accented by soaring guitar lines and an uncanny cinematic sense.

Entertainment Weekly: “Seamlessly wedding blippy electro-pop with hazy guitar theatrics, Mobius Band will surely charm shoegazers and club kids alike”

Pitchfork Media: “Near-flawless in its execution, City Vs Country is at once traditional and progressive, easy to listen to, and difficult to ignore.” 8.0 out of 10.0.

Time Out (New York): “Mobius Band has a penchant for sonic squiggles and krautrock beats, but it’s clear that gigging with the likes of Broadcast and Broken Social Scene has polished its gift for crafting gentle electropop songs.”

Signal To Noise: “The band approaches its material mercurially, never staying too long with one hook before leaping to the next, and infuses the songs with a stunning amount of energy; dynamically, the trio can drop to a hushed murmur and then rise to a massive skull-crushing roar with consummate ease…Needless to say, Ghostly has never flirted this closely with the mainstream before, but Mobius Band’s more populist indie-rock sounds fine, no matter the label. Regardless of the genre, the group exudes so much passion and imagination in a mere twenty-minutes it puts other groups to shame.”

Splendid: ”[Mobius Band’s] unique combination of electronic elements, airtight drums, post-rock prettiness, hooky choruses and dynamic song structures is robust enough to be worthwhile in any context. There are simply very few situations in life that couldn’t be improved at least a little if Mobius Band were playing in the background.”

LA Weekly: “When you put on Mobius Band’s City vs. Country EP from obdurately progressive label Ghostly International, it strikes you like a full-on body slap felt when executing a belly flop into murky water: fleecy guitar rhythms interrupted by bleeps and the uncluttered syncopations from electronic drums and the rainbow washes of a synthesizer.”

About Mobius Band

Peter Sax, Noam Schatz, and Ben Sterling are Mobius Band. Their new album is called Heaven (Misra 2007). The group started in earnest when they moved together to a small rural town in Wes...check out Mobius Band's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-41
  • formats:
  • CD/Digital
  • release date:
  • March 8, 2005
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1Starts Off With a Bang
3Year of The President
4City Vs Country
5I Had a Very Good Year
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