Matthew Dear

Asa Breed

Matthew Dear’s Asa Breed finds the Detroit-based electronic artist achieving new artistic heights. It’s more robust, more accessible, and yet still undeniably Matthew Dear. Incorporating his uniquely crafted textures alongside international rhythmic influences, plus a lyrical storytelling element from his Texas upbringing, Asa Breed is a completely unique musical experience.

Since his debut at the decade’s beginning, Matthew Dear has been championed as North America’s brightest new electronic talent. His 2003 debut, Leave Luck To Heaven, garnered unequivocal praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, Spin and Entertainment Weekly, and in the period since, Dear has conquered the international techno scene under the alias of Audion. But when it came time to return to his roots, there was only one path to take.

With each track on this album, Dear tells a unique story about life and human relationships with his rich baritone voice and fusion of live and electronic instruments. In sum, Asa Breed represents a new feeling and a more expansive look into the psyche of an artist coming into his own.

About Matthew Dear

Depending on whom you ask, Matthew Dear is a DJ, a dance-music producer, an experimental pop artist, a bandleader. He co-founded both Ghostly International and its dancefloor offshoot, Spectral So...check out Matthew Dear's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-65
  • formats:
  • CD/2xLP/Digital
  • release date:
  • June 5, 2007
  • artwork by:
  • Will Calcutt
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1Fleece on Brain
5Elementary Lover [feat. Mobius Band]
6Don and Sherri
7Will Gravity Win Tonight?
8Pom Pom
9Death to Feelers
10Give Me More
11Midnight Lovers
12Good to Be Alive
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  • Matthew Dear - Don & Sherri"