Additional Productions Vol. 1

Lauded as one of the world’s best producers of instrumental hip-hop since the release of his 2001 debut ONE/THREE, Dabrye (AKA Tadd Mullinix) has more recently issued Instrmntl for Prefuse 73’s Eastern Developments label and the Game Over 12” on Ghostly. As a precursor to the imminent TWO/THREE full-length, Additional Productions is a tantalizing set on which Dabrye tests his mettle in re-crafting songs from wildly varying sources, proving that his skills extend well beyond original composition.

Loosely guided by his source material, Dabrye’s remixes offer different strains of gritty clunk-hop, vocoder-laced electro, and jazzy world-beat, while all retain the signature hand-made beats and head-nodding impetus that mark the familiar Dabrye charm. Bridging the gap between full-length albums, this collection also flaunts the brand new cut “Nite Eats Day” featuring Warp MC Beans (of Antipop Consortium), providing a preview of 2006’s TWO/THREE.

About Dabrye

Tadd Mullinix created his Dabrye alias in the late 90s as a hip-hop alter ego, a sonic wildstyle that weaved together the laid back vibes of midwestern hip-hop and east coast boom bap, the futuris...check out Dabrye's page and other releases

  • Ghostly International
  • GI-45
  • formats:
  • CD/LP/Digital
  • release date:
  • May 6, 2005
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1 Nite Eats Day (Nite Eats Day (Money Mix)) [feat. Beans]
2 Monstertruckdriver (Dabrye's Big Truck Remix)
3 Infinite Wavelength (Dabrye's Remix)
4 Not Wisely / Too Well (Dabrye Remix)
5 Keep Life Right (Dabrye Remix) [feat. MC SOOM-T]
6 Angel Beat (Dabrye Remix)
7Hyped-Up Plus Tax [2002 Live Version]
8 Keep Life Right (Dabrye Remix-Instrumental)
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