Where?s the recording industry heading, in your opinion?

“In the age of digital downloads, at Ghostly we?ve been toying with this idea of associating physical objects with music. For the new Matthew Dear album, we did these little metal sculptures, playing with the idea that the physicality of music is dissolving, so what?s the future of a record company? There?s still a small vinyl contingency, which is great, I’m glad that?s still going, but as CDs go the way of floppy disks and physical storage goes away, creating objects that represent those emotions is going to be the future. Matthew Dear’s sculpture, we only did 100 of them, but they’re our first approach towards a symbolic object that represents music. So I’m interested in the idea of what, as humans, do we want when we purchase something? We’re buying ideas, philosophies, that’s marketing 101, but there’s this belief that everything?s going to be digital, accessed through your tablet or mobile device, but we’re going to need physicality as physical beings. Things that have emotion in them represent something. Desks our grandfathers made, things from other countries – experience culture is going to outweigh traditional materialism, and I think that’s pretty cool. It’ll change the construct of what physical things mean to us.