With the Postal Service temporarily out of business, who will provide us with warm blips and bloops underscoring male and female vocalists harmonizing all lovey-dovey stylee? One gentleman up to the task is West Coast soundsmith and North Valley Subconscious Orchestra co-conductor Christopher Willits. His forthcoming Ghostly International debut Surf Boundaries (due October 17) is awash in lush blankets of drone, comforting crackles, murmurs, and frequently, hushed, whispery vocals.

While it begins just like a PS banger, “Colors Shifting”, rather than flutter about like Jimmy Tamborello’s compositions, calmly drifts, in no particular hurry to get anywhere. The vocalists, likewise, linger on their words longer, less intent on crafting quotable love letter poetry than on evoking texture and color through sound. Like the slowcore drift of Ida meeting the Books’ glitch-laden electro/acoustic textures, it’s one of the best blissed-out dream-pop cuts we’ve heard this year.