Audion (Matthew Dear) and Ellen Allien team up for this 12” backscratcher on Spectral, each contributing a new track and a reworking of the other’s track, and both sound good here. Especially strong are their remixes of each other: Audion’s take on Allien’s “Just a Woman” is spooky, with deep, burnt drums laying down trance like they want to stare you down, under this repeating, clav-y synth motive. Likewise, Allien’s version of Audion’s “Just a Man” uses the creepo-synth line, but here behind soft, bouncy clip beats—but where Audion’s original was blunt and hypnotic, Allien’s is a little cute. Her “Just a Woman” original, on the other hand, is pretty great: beats that pop like a hundred light bulbs in sequence, and a synth melody harmonized exactly an octave and a half-step apart, thereby destroying tonality completely. It’s bleak but aggressive, and not “just” anything.