• Phoreladeliah
    February 25, 2008
    Interview: Kiln
    by Wwwwizard & MetroidCrime

1) To begin with, tell us your name and where you’re currently residing. What’s going on in your musical life right now?

the project is comprised of three members: kevin hayes, kirk marrison and clark rehberg III. we reside in detroit, grand rapids and east lansing, michigan. we just finished remixing an auburn lull track which will be included on a release with other remixes from ulrich schnauss, mark clifford, manual and others… we also just wrapped up a standalone cut which will be on a benefit compilation for habitat for humanity- working with the themes of architecture, structure and space. it will be released on asthmatic kitty. other than that, we need to start working on material for our next record. Full interview here