• Outburn
    January 1, 2003
    Review: Panes
    by JC Smith

QUIRKY BLIPS AND DARK GLITCH: Panes is the second Tadd Mullinix release, (following his full-length debut, Winking Makes a Face) a mini CD worth of music, six tracks heavy on beats and quirky, mutilated electronics. The title track opens with popping, crackling vinyl, a lazy rhythm procured upon which the swampy textures are adorned with appropriately drowsy vocals. Electronics and percussion spar to a draw during “Sealed,” while a cheap synth strolls obtrusively through the proceedings. It’s at once interesting and tonally annoying. Shards of “Shaven Glass,” twinkle brightly, while piercing tones slash and slice unmercifully as a bass guitar rolls into view. It is brushed with what sounds like a plague of distorted locusts. The variety of tones Mullinix chooses to utilize throughout Panes are unique, which is both a positive and negative assessment, but the variety itself means that at least he is reaching for something more than the norm.