These days there is little blame to be placed with anyone who thinks twice before rallying behind electronics in their pop music. Whirring and bleeping synthetic sounds have opened up a myriad of avenues for creativity and expression, sure, but, if I’m allowed to source Spider-Man for a philosophical principle and still retain some fragment of dignity, I think it safe to say that we’re all well aware of how much responsibility comes with that kind of power. Now, more than ever, it seems like electronics are being used as a crutch to prop up songs that would otherwise collapse upon their thin devices. Can you imagine T-Pain being this successful without the invention of the vocoder? Would “Piece of Me” be a single if the producers worked without an Autotune? Computers have to be used as an instrument, a palette tool, rather than as a mascara or a concealor, and in this respect Brooklyn’s Joey Sims is an artist with a true understanding of technology’s application. Full Review Here