Luckily for hungry electronic music fans Ghostly International has put together a series of digital EPs to showcase material from new and established artists during the lull between full-length releases.

New Faces is a collection of five up-and-coming artists, all electronically touched and all equally diverse from one another. Four of the five names (save Manhunter) recently appeared on a Moodgadget compilation entitled The Rorschach Suite and this digital EP has a similar feel.

Yes, LAS just ran a review for that Moodgadget comp but no, we are not playing favorites. The noteworthy element here is the consistency or progress/lack thereof of each of these outfits. Two groups are especially notable under this tailored scope.

For those who heard the two The Reflecting Skin tracks on The Rorschach Suite, there is nothing new to hear, however the consistency and potential of a new great track are reason enough to listen up. The group further exposes a growingly signature cavernous sound full of dark electronic-rock.

Another mentionable is the stark difference of JDSY’s track “Me See” from the stylistic house banger “Smoke and Mirrors” of The Rorschach Suite. The press kit for New Faces accurately describes this showing of JDSY as “carnival-pop” and listeners are treated to the fun, novelty factor of video game melodies, sing-along vocals, and somewhat weird hip-hop friendly drum programming.

As far as similarity to current Ghostly artists comes, Manhunter etches a likeness to Kill Memory Crash without coming off as contrived. Wisp brings a techno friendly base that is built over by slow moving guitars and an overall sterile, sophisticated sound. Benoit Pioulard, although perhaps the most acclaimed of the five included artists, enlists “Little a Strongly More Grow I” a broken down, almost demo-quality track of vocals and acoustic guitar that is greatly removed in style from the other four tunes.