If you ever find yourself longing for the good ol’ bizarro days of Captain Beefheart and the Hampton Grease Band, then you should climb into the cockpit of your lunchmeat unicycle and majestically soar to the Skeletons And The Kings Of All Cities show nearest you. Helmed by composer and arranger Matt Mehlan, this multitudinous Brooklyn ensemble (formerly known as Skeletons And The Girl-Faced Boys) continue their US tour tonight in Ames, Iowa before taking on an impressive load of dates that will eventually land them in New York’s Cakeshop. The tour precedes and will continue through the May 8 release of the band’s new record, Lucas (Ghostly International). And what can we expect from that new LP? “Hair, water, labor, multitasking, body holes, Yellow Brick Road, disease, HOPE, piles of cash, 99 cent store, beepers and pagers, coffin boat television, Donny, boobs, drugs, and the Garden of Eden,” Mehlan explains. “The future band is already here! Tightening up in the wide open skies. Accepting proposals and applications from the past now! Reaching for new heights of unrelentinglessness! The name is will always stay the same or not.”

Right. That’s exactly what we predicted, too.