• Alternative Press
    May 1, 2002
    Article: Tadd Mullinix
    by Dave Segal


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SOUNDS LIKE: IDM with rhythmic finesse, classical grandeur, melodic beauty and textural grit.

WHY HE MATTERS: Tadd Mullinix has made a big initial splash in the electronic-music underground, showing impressive diversity and attention to quality control. Under his own name, he crafts ambitious IDM with advanced-calculus programming skills, resulting in melodies and dynamics more sophisticated than those of most of his peers. As James Cotton, he concocts quirky electro and techno for DJs. And for his Dabrye project, Mullinix takes hip hop into unconventionally glitchy territory a la Scott Heren’s Prefuse 73 (which likely explains why Heren will issue Dabrye’s forthcoming Instrmntl album on his Eastern Developments label). Highly influential British radio and club DJ Gilles Peterson has championed the James T. Cotton 12” Mind Your Manners, which should open many doors for Mullinix.