A retrospective compilation of the US producer’s work will hit the shelves in December.

Matthew Dear has revealed plans to revisit his Audion alias, with a look to releasing a new album in 2014.

The Texas-born artist’s dark alter ego first came to prominence in 2004 via Ghostly International-offshoot Spectral Sound. Putting out a total of 14 EPs and one album over the course of five years, it became a relationship that would help shape the contemporary techno landscape. Following a four-year hiatus, Audion returns in December with Audion X, a career-spanning retrospective of his work. Among the likes of “Mouth To Mouth”, “Billy Says Go” and debut single “The Pong,” the 18-track compilation will also include two new productions, “Motormouth” and “Sky.” The producer has also announced plans for a new Audion album in 2014, complete with accompanying live A/V tour. New single “Motormouth” is now available to stream in full via Soundcloud.