[STREAM] Fort Romeau - Frankfurt Versions

June 30, 2015

[STREAM] Fort Romeau - Frankfurt Versions

A companion piece to Fort Romeau’s recent Insides album, Frankfurt Versions features four excellent producers connected to the titular German city—including Massimiliano Pagliara, Tuff City Kids, Roman Flügel, and Orson Wells. The record won’t be available until July 6, but a week beforehand, XLR8R has premiered the full stream of its five eclectic remixes.

[Listen to Fort Romeau’s Frankfurt Versions]

[STREAM] Matrixxman - "Annika's Theme"

June 25, 2015

The debut album by Bay Area technoist Matrixxman is just weeks from releasing, but we have one more song to share with you before Homesick drops on July 10. “Annika’s Theme”, a synthy and beatless centerpiece, premiered today on The FADER with some extra background from the producer himself. Called “an evocative slab of ambient techno that hums and bristles with Blade Runner-ish overtones,” Matrixxman’s new track is the counterbalance to club heaters like “Augmented” and “HMU (Hit Me Up)”, and represents the artificial beating heart at the core of his immersive album.

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June 23, 2015


Call it a love for ambient music or an inspired continuation of our Hohokum collaboration, but we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about the latest video game soundtrack Ghostly has in the works. On August 21, we will issue the Minecraft OST by German composer C418, called Minecraft Volume Alpha, on vinyl and CD. The limited-edition LP (only 1,000 available) will be pressed to transparent green vinyl and housed in a 3D lenticular-printed jacket with artwork by C418 himself.

Today’s announcement premiered on Nerdist, along with a four-song sampler compiled by the German artist. Nerdist said this of the tracks: “Mixing analog with digital, the beginning of each song recalls low tide, and as the compositions progress you can actively feel the disparate parts of the song gain momentum simultaneously and crest. It is busy yet calming, just like the surface of an ocean a couple days following a storm.” Ghostly is thrilled to bring the first physical release of this record to longtime Minecraft fans, not to mention share the beautiful, classically minded ambient pieces to an entirely new audience.

[Pre-order C418’s Minecraft Volume Alpha on limited vinyl]

[PHOTOS] Ghostly at Movement 2015 by Will Calcutt

June 19, 2015

[PHOTOS] Ghostly at Movement 2015 by Will Calcutt

Over Memorial Day Weekend, Ghostly joined thousands of fellow house and techno fans for Detroit’s annual celebration of electronic music, Movement. We had our own stage this year, which was an amazing day-long showcase of DJs and artists from all over our roster. Matthew Dear, Osborne, JTC, Mike Servito, Derek Plaslaiko, Heathered Pearls, Fort Romeau, Ryan Elliott, Matrixxman, and others represented the Ghostly crew with powerful performances, and photographer Will Calcutt was there to capture it all. So if you missed the festival, or just want to relive the magic, our Movement photo essay is live now over at Exposure.

[Check out Ghostly at Movement 2015 by Will Calcutt]

[NEWS] Fort Romeau Announces Remix EP w/ Roman Flügel, Tuff City Kids, and Others

June 10, 2015

[NEWS] Fort Romeau Announces Remix EP w/ Roman Flügel, Tuff City Kids, and Others

Frankfurt Versions is the forthcoming remix companion to Insides, London DJ/producer Fort Romeau’s second album of lush, handcrafted house music. The EP will feature interpretations of four different tracks by four producers from the Frankfurt and Live at Robert Johnson scenes—including Massimiliano Pagliara, Tuff City Kids, Roman Flügel, and Orson Wells. Over on Earmilk, “Insides (Roman Flügel Remix)” premiered along with an interview with Fort Romeau, in which he talks about the ideas behind the new EP and his work on Insides. Read the Q&A and listen to the single here, before Frankfurt Versions drops on July 6.

[Pre-order Frankfurt Versions on 12” vinyl]

[STREAM] Matrixxman & Vin Sol - "HMU (Hit Me Up)"

June 8, 2015

The countdown to Matrixxman’s debut album is getting closer and closer to zero, but we’re still about a month away from releasing Homesick on July 10. So here’s the record’s second single to help tide everyone over: an electro-fueled collaboration with Vin Sol, called “HMU (Hit Me Up)”. It pairs nicely with the slick, HD technoisms of “Augmented”, and represents the overall versatility that Matrixxman’s upcoming LP so deftly pushes.

[Pre-order Homesick on limited vinyl and cassette]


June 3, 2015


We’ve got quite the mix lined up for the latest GhostlyCast, which arrives courtesy of Interdimensional Transmissions founder and No Way Back resident Brendan M Gillen (a.k.a. BMG). Suffice it to say: School is in session. And the veteran Detroit DJ/producer has a deep tracklist for us to learn from, with cuts from the likes of Kenny Glasgow, Jungle Wonz, Delta Funktionen, and 808 State.

BMG said of his mix, “I am trying to get you to forget time, to be totally within the moment and lose modern society’s overly hectic and unnatural hurried view of time. To connect the listener back to eternity, a state of time where no time passes. To return to the source.”

[Stream and download GhostlyCast #59]