[UPDATE] Best of 2014: Ghostly Recap

December 19, 2014

[UPDATE] Best of 2014: Ghostly Recap

We’re sure you’ve all seen them by now, the endless throng of annual lists praising the best songs, albums, and artists to appear throughout the year. It’s an entertaining way to look back over 2014, and to remind ourselves of the music and experiences that meant the most to us. A good number of Ghostly mentions were made this year, too, so we’ve compiled our own list of Best of 2014 nods. Congrats to all!

Resident Advisor’s Top 20 Albums
#2 – HTRK Psychic 9-5 Club

Huffington Post’s Best Indie Albums
#1 – TOBACCO Ultima II Message

Treble’s Top 10 Electronic Albums
#10 – Com Truise Wave 1

Thump’s 50 Best Albums
#32 – Tycho Awake

Kotaku’s Best Video Game Music
Various Artists Hohokum Soundtrack

CMJ’s 65 Best Songs
#59 – TOBACCO “Eruption (Gonna Get My Hair Cut At The End Of The Summer)”

CMJ’s 20 Best Music Videos
TOBACCO “Stalker” (dir. Eric Wareheim)

Resident Advisor’s Top 20 Live Acts
#1 – Recondite