[PODCAST] GhostlyCast #50: Michna / SV4 - Prescriptive Haze

November 27, 2013

[PODCAST] GhostlyCast #50: Michna / SV4 - Prescriptive Haze

Michna and label founder Sam Valenti IV last linked for 2009’s Seeing Colors, a mix of Ghostly influences for the label’s 10th anniversary. In advance of the label’s 15th year, the pair have mixed a house/techno survey recorded at the end of the summer 2013 on the heels of SV4’s MOMA PS1 set and as Michna was recording his new material. Prescriptive Haze offers a set of melancholy and hook-heavy floor cuts.

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November 24, 2013


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[NEW MUSIC] Audion - "Motormouth"

November 6, 2013

Audion’s four-year silence came to an end this week with “Motormouth.” Opening with relentless rave-era repetition and an endlessly ascending bassline, “Motormouth” climbs to perilous heights while a manic Vocoder jabbers in your ear. It’s a little sinister, a little mad, and sounds like ten parties happening at once—it could only be Audion.

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