[NEW RELEASE] Matthew Dear's "Headcage" on Limited Vinyl

April 24, 2012

[NEW RELEASE] Matthew Dear

Released to coincide with last weekend’s Record Store Day, we are thrilled to present this limited vinyl version of Matthew Dear’s “Headcage,” now available through The Ghostly Store.

The pressing, strictly limited to 700 copies worldwide, features a solid grey, purple streaked vinyl, and includes the never before released “Flunker.”

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[New Music] Mark E - Oranges

April 18, 2012

[New Music] Mark E - Oranges

This week sees the warm, organic single, “Oranges,” taken from Wolverhampton producer Mark E’s 2011 release Stone Breaker. “Oranges” demonstrates how the simplest of ingredients — a quietly insistent four-to-the-floor rhythm, an understated bassline, synth pads that sound like the first intimations of a Balearic sunrise — can combine to create something remarkable. The single also includes a re-imagined Space Dub by Mark E that transports the track from the dance floor to some distant orbit, drifting through space on a wash of lambent fuzz-toned synths.

[Listen and purchase at The Ghostly Store.]

[NEW ART EDITIONS] Large-Scale Work by Andy Gilmore

April 12, 2012

[NEW ART EDITIONS] Large-Scale Work by Andy Gilmore

It’s no secret we love the work of Andy Gilmore. Looking deeply into his compositions, we uncover new details—juxtapositions of line, form, or color—which reveal a well of talent that the mere casual glance cannot. Aided by the acquisition of a new machine last year, his work has taken on even greater complexity, the true nature of which is best revealed by taking a closer look.

We asked Andy a couple questions about his process and where his work may be headed. You can read it on our new store blog.

[Buy Andy’s new prints at The Ghostly Store.]

[Music Video] Mux Mool - Cash For Gold

April 18, 2012

Mux Mool’s “Cash For Gold” video is for anyone who’s had a job with a boss they can’t stand—and rightfully so. It’s a story about the underdog. It’s about the Skulltaste character coming to life in comic book form. It’s about removing the evil from that no-good-for-nothing boss and turning it into something beautiful. Or maybe it’s simply a stylized tongue and cheek play on the classic boss/employee relationship that is happening right now everywhere around the world. You decide.

[Watch the video]

Directed by Bo Mirosseni.

[Album Stream] Choir of Young Believers Streams 'Rhine Gold'

April 2, 2012

[Album Stream] Choir of Young Believers Streams

A few weeks ago we made Choir of Young Believers’ Rhine Gold available at our store. This week sees album stream options for the band’s varied sophomore album which can often share intimate folk, classic Krautrock, big-sky Americana, avant-garde composition and bombastic theatricality all in one song.

To make sense of it all, take your pick and stream at Hype Machine or 3Voor12.

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