[New Music] Choir of Young Believers - Rhine Gold

March 20, 2012

[New Music] Choir of Young Believers - Rhine Gold

Choir of Young Believers, led by Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, present the masterful Rhine Gold, their second full-length. It hews closely to the template of its predecessor, This Is For The White In Your Eyes, and expands on it in every way.

Now a proper band, the collaborative dynamic has imbued their sound with more authority and daring, as Choir inhabits a wholly unique space where intimate folk, classic Krautrock, big-sky Americana, avant-garde composition and bombastic theatricality seamlessly serve the same master. Like Choir’s music, Makrigiannis’ powerful voice unifies the ambitious scope of Rhine Gold by sounding at once dolorous and magisterial. The rich, enveloping production does wonders to corral such creative largess under a unified, sepia-toned song cycle.

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