[NEW SIGNING + FREE TRACK] Welcome HTRK To The Ghostly Roster

August 2, 2011

[NEW SIGNING + FREE TRACK] Welcome HTRK To The Ghostly Roster

We are pleased to announce the release of Work (work, work), the new LP from HTRK out September 06, 2011 in North America.

After the slow burning ‘pop’ effort Marry Me Tonight from 2009, HTRK are back with a similarly flat-lined study of desire and submission, this time complicated with elements of sentimentality and dysphoria. The gritty electronic sound design and simple beauty of these new songs belie the sheer psychic weight to be found on this record.

HTRK finished production whilst grieving the sudden loss of founding member and bassist Sean Stewart to suicide in March ‘10. Written from 2006-10 in Berlin and London, Work (work, work) has been carefully designed to offer a subtle transformative experience to those of us who seek beauty in melancholy.

HTRK’s remaining members, Jonnine Standish and guitarist Nigel Yang, sweeten their heavier sonic reference points (Pan Sonic, Suicide, et al) into songs of love and lust, creating an imaginary party record for the end of time.

[Listen & Download the first single, Eat Your Heart]