[Tours] Mark E + Shigeto

November 18, 2011

[Tours] Mark E + Shigeto

Mark E finally sees North American soil with a tour supporting his Spectral debut, Stone Breaker. In celebration, Jacques Renault offers us an edit of “Oranges.”

[Check the edit here & tour dates here.]

Shigeto, coming off a support slot with Star Slinger in the states heads out on his second trek in support of Full Circle to Europe and the UK. He also visits Russia and China for the first time.

[Check the tour dates here & a recent interview with Scenestar in LA.]

[NEW SIGNING] Presenting Jacaszek's 'Glimmer'

November 14, 2011

For the past decade or so, Jacaszek has been exploring a new, resolutely modern chapter in Eastern Europe’s long, storied love affair with classical music. Jacaszek’s work, first appearing on Ghostly with his contribution to the SMM: Context compilation earier this year, is a melange of classical instrumentation—harpsichords, woodwinds, strings—and blurring, rubbed-down electronic textures, all of which makes listening an intensely cathartic, exploratory experience.

His latest album, Glimmer, is marked by a noticeable tug between melancholy and beauty, like it’s hovering in some gaseous grey area between both, at once both insular and extroverted. Glimmer, is available December 6th.

[Listen to & Download the first single here.]

[Watch his live performance in Poland at Unsound Festival 2012.]