September 29, 2009


The title of Deastro ’s “Tone Adventure #3” may evoke a “working title”-like looseness (why name a song when you can number it?) but the track itself is one of Moondagger ’s tightest. ‘Tone Adventure #3’ is an archetypal Deastro song, as Randolph Chabot sprints through catchy, melodic passages with maniacal conviction, howling about his feet being strapped to cannon balls from behind a wall of electronically conjured atmosphere. In keeping with its title, “Tone Adventure #3” is Moondagger’s brush with psychedelia, warping its instruments into unrecognizable, mutant sound-entities. Glockenspiels, spy-movie guitars, orchestral stabs, and alien ray guns all make appearances—as they should in any good adventure.

Deastro is currently wrapping up his solo tour of the UK, and will appear at New York’s CMJ festival in October. A tour of the US with Max Tundra follows.

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