Ghostly Discovery 1.05: International

September 9, 2009

Ghostly Discovery 1.05: International

In the weeks since we launched Ghostly Discovery for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the app has charted over 20,000 downloads, logged 151,000 track plays, and generated nearly 9,000 user favorites.

Released today, Discovery 1.05 is a marked improvement upon its predecessor, and includes the #1 most requested feature, international availability. Discovery 1.05’s updates:

1. International Availability – now available in the iTunes app store all over the world.

2. Improved Randomized Play – shuffles playlists more often, so that you’ll hear new music more frequently.

3. Screen-Dimmer Bypass – provides the option to bypass the iPhone’s screen-dimmer/sleep function, allowing for constant access to track names, album artwork, and the app’s controls.

4. More Music – Discovery 1.05 contains even more music from Ghostly International/Spectral Sound’s ever-growing catalogue.

Download it now.