September 29, 2009


The title of Deastro ’s “Tone Adventure #3” may evoke a “working title”-like looseness (why name a song when you can number it?) but the track itself is one of Moondagger ’s tightest. ‘Tone Adventure #3’ is an archetypal Deastro song, as Randolph Chabot sprints through catchy, melodic passages with maniacal conviction, howling about his feet being strapped to cannon balls from behind a wall of electronically conjured atmosphere. In keeping with its title, “Tone Adventure #3” is Moondagger’s brush with psychedelia, warping its instruments into unrecognizable, mutant sound-entities. Glockenspiels, spy-movie guitars, orchestral stabs, and alien ray guns all make appearances—as they should in any good adventure.

Deastro is currently wrapping up his solo tour of the UK, and will appear at New York’s CMJ festival in October. A tour of the US with Max Tundra follows.

Buy ‘Tone Adventure #3’ from The Ghostly Store.


September 27, 2009


At the moment, School of Seven Bells have a full plate, and then some: A string of solid singles, a fantastically successful debut record (the deluxe re-release of Alpinisms arrives on Vagrant Records on October 13th), and a just-launched headlining tour of North America. Alejandra Deheza, one-half of the trio’s twin-sister lead singers, provided a few enigmatic (but strangely appealing) responses to our Five Questions…

1. In exactly 13 words, how would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it before?

Jovian, pink laser, Cirrostratus clouds, apparent horizon, line of apsides, perihelion, aphelion, kale

2. How does a School of Seven Bells songs come into being?

We just write the fucker.

3. How do you entertain yourselves during long drives on tour?

Sam Valenti knows about this. We made up our own religion last time. META, it’s called. Don’t look for us. We’ll look for you.

4. What’s the one record you can’t live without, and why?

My own. That’s how I make my living.

5. How about a piece of sage advice for the younger generation?

“I can’t believe Michael is fucking forcing us to go to the fucking pyramids!” – Megan Fox


September 24, 2009

Having floated a string of successful support tours (with M83, Fujiya & Miyagi, and Bat for Lashes, among others) and one full-length album (last year’s Alpinisms), our little School of Seven Bells is all grown up. Tomorrow, the Brooklyn dream-trio embarks on a monthlong jaunt around North America, hitting dates on the east and west coasts and at the Austin City Limits and CMJ festivals. Be there, or be miserable that you missed yet another opportunity to see one great live act. Peep all the dates here.

The Deluxe Edition of of Alpinisms, featuring nine bonus songs (including demo versions, alternate takes, and new mixes of songs from the album) arrives on Vagrant Records on October 13th.

Watch the video for School of Seven Bells’ most recent single (“My Cabal”) above, and buy the track at The Ghostly Store.


September 22, 2009


If you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that we’ve spent 2009 celebrating our big 10-year anniversary in cities all over the world (Brooklyn, Berlin, Chicago, and Moscow, to name a few). Next stop: Seattle. This Thursday, we’re taking over the Seattle Art Museum to kick off Decibel, one of the greatest electronic-music events North America has to offer, and we’re stacking the bill with Seattle favorites including The Sight Below and the mighty Lusine (he of the brand-new A Certain Distance LP), as well as Tycho, Michna, and DJ Clark Warner. It’s the festival’s Opening Gala as well as our own 10-year fete, so dress to the nines and bring your dancing footwear. RSVP on Facebook here ; info and ticketing info is below…

Ghostly 10: Seattle / Decibel Festival Opening Gala

Thursday, September 24th
Doors 5pm / All ages
$10 presale / Free with a Weekend Club or All-Access Decibel Pass
@ Seattle Art Museum
1300 First Ave, Seattle, WA


Tycho (live) : San Francisco
Michna (DJ) : New York
Lusine (live) : Seattle
The Sight Below (live) : Seattle
Clark Warner (DJ) : Colorado


September 18, 2009


This just in. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Deastro ’s Randolph Chabot will be playing his current UK tour as a solo act. From Deastro’s Facebook page:

“My band informed me that the will no longer be playing in Deastro yesterday so I will be doing the UK tour as a solo act. I am working on putting a new band together hopefully we will be ready by CMJ.”

Deastro’s solo show is still something to behold, so UK friends, come out and support our boy. Full steam ahead: a new single from Deastro is on the way…


September 15, 2009


Seth Troxler’s Panic, Stop. Repeat! EP brings together all facets of the young Berlin-via-Detroit producer’s notoriously brilliant/bizarre persona, offering two new tracks (and one house-y remix) of sweaty, ecstatic dance music with a dirty mind and a heart of gold.

Read our Five Questions with Seth Troxler here, listen to Trox’s wicked set from NYC’s Electric Zoo here, and buy Panic, Stop. Repeat! at The Ghostly Store.


September 14, 2009


John Richards loves his job, and it shows. As the host of the Seattle-based radio station KEXP ’s influential John in the Morning program, Richards plays a dizzying variety of music, from indie-rock to electronic, hip-hop to folk, and his on-air enthusiasm is the definition of infectious. Recently, he’s been spinning Lusine’s ‘Two Dots’ a great deal, as well as tracks by School of Seven Bells and Deastro—so we thought we’d give John a buzz and talk to him about his work, his favorite music, and, you know, triple-A hockey. Five Questions with John Richards continues below…

1. Why should people listen to your show?

The first reason is that there are so many ways to listen, you have no excuse not to listen. It’s on the dial in Seattle at 90.3, in NYC at 91.5, and online at Another great reason is that every other band I play seems to be on Ghostly International. Not kidding!

People should also listen because the aim of the show is to bring the very best music onto the radio dial (or online) as it was meant to be heard: no commercials, no plays for money, nothing but programming from the heart. From the newest demo from a Brooklyn band to the new Radiohead, you’ll hear it on the show.

2. What’s the one record you can’t live without?

Pixies Surfer Rosa
(followed by)
Radiohead OK Computer
Elliott Smith Either/Or
Sugar Copper Blue

3. What song should play every time you enter a room?

My first thought when I read that was ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC. Next was ‘Celebration’ by Kool & the Gang. But then I realized those were both themes used for the triple-A hockey teams I watched growing up (the Sioux City Muskateers and Spokane Chiefs). So I guess ‘Transmission’ by Joy Division will do. I don’t think any hockey teams use that one.

4. What’s one genre you listen to regularly that you think would surprise people?

Classical. I wouldn’t say I listen a ton, but when I need to chill out or I’m jogging long distances I dig the classical to keep in check.

5. How about a piece of sage advice for the younger generation?

Don’t give up on the radio. Help me save it from destruction.


September 10, 2009


Waajeed is one of the Detroit greats. From his work with Slum Village and Platinum Pied Pipers, to the incessant touring, the forward-thinking production, the all-around stand-up-guy-ness, our hats go off to Mr. Robert O’Bryant, the man they call Waajeed. Since we’re such fans of Waajeed (and in light of his work with Dabrye), our boy recorded this month’s podcast, The Eternal Mixtape, as a tribute to his colleague Baatin. (Waajeed, along with Baatin, T3, and a certain J Dilla helped found Slum Village back in the day.)

Download Waajeed’s mixtape here, and read his answers to our Five Questions below…

1. Why should people listen to your music?
Because it’s f*ckin great!!!!! I swear it is.

2. What’s the one record you can’t live without?
The theme from The Price Is Right. That’s the song I’ll hear when the doors of heaven open.

3. What song should play every time you enter a room?
‘Running Away’ by Roy Ayers.

4. What project are you working on at this exact moment?
P Diddy’s Last Train to Paris...

5. How about a piece of sage advice for the younger generation?
Stay original! Anyone can copy a sound. Few can create one.

Stream Waajeed’s podcast:

01 GhostlyCast #26 Waajeed – The Eternal Mixtape (R.I.P. Baatin) by ghostly

Ghostly Discovery 1.05: International

September 9, 2009

Ghostly Discovery 1.05: International

In the weeks since we launched Ghostly Discovery for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the app has charted over 20,000 downloads, logged 151,000 track plays, and generated nearly 9,000 user favorites.

Released today, Discovery 1.05 is a marked improvement upon its predecessor, and includes the #1 most requested feature, international availability. Discovery 1.05’s updates:

1. International Availability – now available in the iTunes app store all over the world.

2. Improved Randomized Play – shuffles playlists more often, so that you’ll hear new music more frequently.

3. Screen-Dimmer Bypass – provides the option to bypass the iPhone’s screen-dimmer/sleep function, allowing for constant access to track names, album artwork, and the app’s controls.

4. More Music – Discovery 1.05 contains even more music from Ghostly International/Spectral Sound’s ever-growing catalogue.

Download it now.


September 8, 2009

For years, Jeff McIlwain has been recording music as Lusine that expertly straddles the electronic/pop divide; with A Certain Distance (released today), McIlwain cracks open his productions to reveal the beauty lurking within. A Certain Distance sees McIlwain employing human vocals and pop structures, hooks and melodies in the service of something warmer and more welcoming than the Lusine of old. Mapping human emotions via technology may be an insurmountable task, but A Certain Distance brings McIlwain closer than most to achieving the impossible.

Watch the video for “Two Dots” above, and buy A Certain Distance at The Ghostly Store.


September 3, 2009


Two handsome fellows recently joined the Ghostly/Spectral family, and we couldn’t be happier. Introducing Lee Curtiss and Clark Warner.

Detroit mainstay Lee Curtiss came up under the tutelage of Matthew Dear and Ryan Elliott, working (and living) alongside his peers Seth Troxler and Ryan Crosson. Lee and Spectral have been running in the same pack for years—finally, after sufficiently circling each other and sniffing each others’ business, we’ve joined forces to release Lee’s Black Door EP, and it’s a doozy. Lee’s first single—a sexy, experimental dance track called ‘Smoking Mirrors’—arrives this week. Buy it on from The Ghostly Store, and stay tuned for more from Mr. Curtiss.

Clark Warner has been immersed in the American electronic-music world forever, spending more than 10 years at the helm of Minus /Plus 8 and DJing around the globe (including our first party, way back in 2000). After Clark wowed us at Spectral’s “Return of Losing It” party in Miami this past March, we just had to have him on our team. Mr. Warner will be playing at our Seattle 10-year anniversary party on September 24th.