August 10, 2009


Immune, Alan Abrahams’ second full-length as Bodycode, is a concise, house-based dance record with tons of head and heart. An old-fashioned artiste of real substance, Abrahams is a pretty interesting guy: he grew up in South Africa and lived in London, Lisbon, and Berlin; he records as both Bodycode and Portable ; and he founded the Sud Electronic label. Having just ripped it up at our Spectral Open Air party in Berlin this weekend, the enigmatic Abrahams sat down to answer our Five Questions…

1. Why should people listen to your music?

I devote a majority of my life to composing music, as I feel that it has an underlying quality of sincerity and honesty.

2. What would you consider your own “turning-point” record?

There have been a few turning point records—I’m just taking different detours, as it were.
If I’m allowed to name a few I’d say “Albatros” on my Portable album Powers of Ten, “Release” on my Portable release for Perlon Knowone Can Take Away, and “What Did You Say” on my Immune album as Bodycode.

3. What song should play every time you enter a room?

Glen Gould’s Goldberg Variations

4. What project are you working on at this exact moment?

Just completed a remix for DOP on french label Eklo, a new track for an upcoming Spectral release, and a new 12” as Portable for Perlon.

5. How about a piece of sage advice for the younger generation?

I generally try and steer clear of advice-giving, but if needed I would only say that always find your own personality in your productions, try and get to the core of what you are trying to express, what you are feeling and you can never lose, keep on trying, it has to succeed sometime.