July 27, 2009


Seth Troxler is a nutbar, but we love him anyway. Seth’s got a new single (“Hurt,” a collabo with Matthew Dear – buy it at The Ghostly Store) out on Spectral now, and a new EP, Panic, Stop. Repeat!, waiting not-so-quietly in the wings. When we sent him our usual Five Questions, Mr. Troxler requested (well, commanded) that we let him ask himself his own questions, and that we print his responses as-is. The results, such as they are, are reprinted below.

1. Why should people listen to anything you have to say?

i think people should peep the ideas i be hollering at the moment because some of my idea sparkles have relevance in the idea of becoming the everyman.

2. What?s the idea behind “Hurt”?

well when dearie and i hooked up (that’s matt in friend speak), we were like yo lets talk about wild adventures, at the time i was dealing with an open wound of the heart. so i wanted to unleash these bonds of love, in a vision made with sound. the picture was huey lewis standing in the rain like john cusack. This is for you… HURT YA.

3. What song will play in your head when you die?

I would really love to hear ‘last dance’ by gas. the white light, words i cant understand, and tears. my final thought of the human experience.

4. What project are you working on at this exact moment?

just finished a new remix for fever ray which will be on turbo, and i’m also refining my pimp hand. that is, referring to the hand that guides my love life.

5. How about a piece of advice for the younger generation?

so i guess since i’m in the younger generation i’m speaking directly to my peers. and friend, if i could give you a small piece of advice it would be stay true to G.O.D., and follow your dreams….