June 25, 2009


Deastro’s Moondagger expands upon the positive electro-pop of Keepers—Deastro’s home-recorded opus from 2008—with the addition of a full band. Thankfully, the mercurial, prolific Randolph Chabot still seems blissfully unaware of his music’s genreless-ness. Thick, atmospheric production obscures bright, starry-eyed melodies; ecstatic synth squiggles dance around new-wave beats on songs about Nordics, toxic crusaders, and geometric shapes; arrangement ideas bounce off one another within ambitious song structures that swerve left, then right, then left again.

Moondagger is now available at The Ghostly Store as a CD, LP + download, and download. Buy it now.

In the midst of their current US tour, Chabot and crew visited the Daytrotter studio and laid down a few energetic, reverb-y live tracks. Have a listen.