November 6, 2009


‘That’s That,’ the sixth release in Audion ’s nonstop assault of singles, has dual personalities, comprising two discrete movements within its eight-and-a-half minutes—a theme-and-variation approach that makes for a brain-warping listen.

First, we get the main theme—a rapid-fire call and response between an acid-tinged bass groan and a two-toned “ping!”—repeated and modulated, riled up and cooled down ad infinitum. At the halfway point, Audion pulls out the rug from under us: mashing the samples up against one another, twisting the pings into mobius strips, folding the bass back over itself, and riding the beat, laughing devilishly, into the sunset.

Download Audion’s ‘That’s That’ at The Ghostly Store, and check out AUDION.ME for more info and media.