November 1, 2009


As perhaps the most private member of the Ghostly family, The Sight Below has conjured some startling, abstract audio and video in recent years. Having just birthed a new collection of flittering, downcast ambient techno in the form of his Murmur EP, the avowed instrumentalist offers us some rare words—on collaborator/legend Simon Scott, the future, and of course, The Sight Below…

1. In exactly 13 words, how would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it?

Lonely is the new dance party. (Yeah, there, you said only 13 words.)

2. How did you become involved with Simon Scott? What do you feel he brings to the music?

Simon sent me an email shortly after my first solo album came out in 2007. We corresponded online and eventually began to write music together earlier this year. He has a lot of experience, even having worked with Brian Eno during his time with Slowdive. Simon has a very peculiar aesthetic, really similar to mine in many ways. We finally met in person in Barcelona at SONAR this year, as I invited him to join TSB live. It was an amazing experience and we continued touring in the EU for the rest of the summer.

It feels like coming full circle—never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that I’d be working with a former member of a favorite band. I suppose stranger things have happened!

3. What are you doing at this exact moment, and what will you be doing one month from now?

Right now I’m recording and mixing a track with Sub Pop’s Tiny Vipers, which may end up in the second TSB album. Next month I’ll be playing with Fennesz and Lillevan at Plateaux Festival in Torun, Poland. I’ll also be doing video for Simon Scott and Lusine there the same weekend.

4. What’s the one record you can’t live without, and why?

I need all my vinyl—they are like my children, I do not love some more than others.

5. How about a piece of sage advice for the younger generation?

Lose the feeling, let it out somehow.